Przez 40 lat istnienia firma CI Systems Inc. zdobyła uznanie jako rzetelny dostawca nowoczesnych systemów optoelektronicznych dla wojska, służb granicznych, lotnictwa, instytutów naukowych, ochrony środowiska, ochrony pracy oraz przemysłu.

Flagowymi produktami CI Systems są techniczne ciała doskonale czarne – wzorcowe źródła promieniowania podczerwonego IR (black body), kolimatory, stanowiska testowania kamer dziennych CCD, kamer podczerwieni IR i laserów, spektroradiometry,  i akcesoria do tych urządzeń i inne.

Techniczne ciała doskonale czarne w szerokim wyborze

Black body radiation is electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by an object that is in thermodynamic equilibrium.  An object is considered a perfect black body when it absorbs all of the incoming light and does not reflect any. It appears perfectly black at room temperature. At any given temperature the amount of radiation a black body emits is the maximum amount possible at that temperature. In theory a black body emits energy in the full spectrum of wavelengths, whether in the ultraviolet, visible, infrared spectrums as well as other wavelengths. Essentially the black body emits a known amount of energy for an infinite number of wavelengths. This enables to draw the expected black body radiation curve for a given temperature.

Techniczne ciała doskonale czarne wnękowe

The high temperature cavity blackbodies operate between 50°C and 1,200°C. An innovative design allows  high cavity uniformity and emissivity where high temperature and high performance are required.

Stanowisko testów kamer/optyki CCD, IR, Las

The METS, based on CI’s reflective optics for wide spectral coverage, extended area blackbody and a motorized target wheel, provides fast and reliable testing for repeatable and objective results.

The METS can be easily modified for a range of applications, including automated FLIR, CCD, Laser and boresight testing on the production floor, lab or depot when used in conjunction with CI’s automatic test software. The METS are designed to retain their accuracy over a wide range of temperatures.

Spektroradiometr detekcji zdalnej SR 5000N

The SR-5000N is a significant step forward for our legacy SR-5000 Spectroradiometer. The improved performance comes with an upgraded, compact design and includes all the functionality of its highly successful predecessor. The SR-5000N is used for both spectral (intensity vs. wavelength)
and radiometric (intensity vs. time) measurements.

Kamera monitorowania metanu

An IR camera capable of providing images in a number of spectral bands can better identify a target gas. Spectral scanning or change detection techniques are better able to distinguish between the target gas and its surroundings and one gas from another.